Medi-Cal/Medicare - "Medi-Medi"

To qualify for Medi-Cal you must have a MAXIMUM INCOME of no more than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) - 2017

    Family Size 1 person: $1,366/mo. = $16,394/yr.
    Family Size 2 person: $1,842/mo. = $22,107/yr.
    Each Add'l Person: $476/mo. = $5,713/yr.

At age 65 and older the State will review:

ASSETS: Stocks, bonds, burial plots, vehicles (not primary), cash savings, property (not primary), residence, citizenship, disabilities, and institutional status.

Estate Recovery Act

California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) MAY seek repayment from a deceased Medi-Medi's estate for service received after 55th birthday.

    DHCS will never collect more than assets owned.
    DHCS may place a lien on the beneficiaries' primary home.
    DHCS is NOT allowed to pursue repayment if:
    There is a Surviving Spouse in the household.
    There are Children under 21 years old.
    There are Children of any age who are blind or disabled.