Questions to consider BEFORE you enroll into Medicare

    1) Did you pay Medicare Payroll Taxes for at least 10 years and become eligible for Part A?
    2) Are you retired or about to retire?
    3) Are you currently enrolled in a medical plan at work?
      a. Will that plan change or cost you more at age 65?
      b. Is the employer sponsored plan primary or secondary to Medicare?
      c. Is the employer plan considered "creditable coverage" by Medicare and will it avoid any future Late Enrollment Penalties?
      d. Does the overall cost of keeping an employer sponsored plan outweigh the cost of enrolling in Medicare and picking up a Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan?

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Answers to these and many other questions are available throughout this website or by calling/text Danny at (562) 822-7012. ​

If you know for sure that you are ready to enroll in Medicare Part B here's the Quick Link: